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About the Role

As a Technician, you will repair, install, replace, and service different systems and equipment. You will also work alongside other skilled workers and should be able to read instructions and communicate effectively.


  • High school diploma.

  • A relevant degree, certification, or license.

  • Experience as a technician.

  • A driver's license.

  • An ability to multitask and communicate with professionals in different fields.

  • An ability to explain problems clearly.

  • Proficiency in MS Office.

  • An ability to understand verbal and written instructions.

  • An ability to follow health and safety regulations.

  • Excellent mathematical and problem-solving skills.


Inspecting, analyzing, and troubleshooting systems.
Reading repair manuals and communicating with other professionals.
Running tests and interpreting results to make effective recommendations.
Writing up reports, safety regulations, and preventative maintenance plans.
Sourcing replacement parts.
Negotiating with suppliers and clients.
Repairing or replacing equipment.
Fabricating any components required.
Providing time and material cost estimates.
Staying up-to-date with advancements in your field and attending workshops.

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