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Technical Support

About the Role

As a Technical Support worker, you will manage, maintain, and repair IT systems. You will also diagnose and repair faults, resolve network issues, and install and configure hardware and software as well as troubleshoot technical issues, provide timely customer feedback, and support the roll-out of new applications, among other duties.


  • Degree in computer science or information technology.

  • Certification in Microsoft, Linux, or Cisco.

  • Experience in technical support, desktop support, or a similar role.

  • Proficiency in Windows/Linux/Mac OS.

  • Experience with remote desktop applications and help desk software.

  • Attention to detail.

  • Good problem-solving skills.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills.

  • Good written and verbal communication.


Identifying hardware and software solutions.
Troubleshooting technical issues.
Diagnosing and repairing faults.
Resolving network issues.
Installing and configuring hardware and software.
Speaking to customers to get to the root of their problem.
Providing timely and accurate customer feedback.
Talking to customers in order to resolve a problem.
Following up with clients to ensure their problem is resolved.
Replacing or repairing necessary parts.
Supporting the roll-out of new applications.
Providing support through procedural documentation.
Managing multiple cases.
Testing and evaluating new technologies.
Conducting electrical safety checks on equipment.

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