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Quality Assurance Specialist

About the Role

As a Quality Assurance Specialist, you are responsible for monitoring, inspecting, and proposing measures to correct or improve a company's final products and processes in order to meet established quality standards.


  • High school diploma/GED.

  • Certificate in quality assurance.

  • Experience in quality assurance or a similar field.

  • Knowledge of tools, methods, and concepts of quality assurance.

  • Knowledge of regulatory standards.

  • Good verbal and written communication skills.

  • Excellent data collection and analysis skills.

  • A strong attention to detail.


Preparing and implementing quality assurance policies.
Performing routine inspections.
Identifying and resolving workflow and production issues.
Ensuring standards and safety regulations are observed.
Addressing and discussing issues and proposed solutions.
Documenting quality assurance activities and creating audit reports.
Making recommendations for improvement.
Creating training materials and operating manuals.

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