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Marketing Associate

About the Role

As a Marketing Associate, you will handle day-to-day administrative tasks and make it easier for marketing managers and account executives to do their jobs. You will also work closely with account executives and marketing managers, do research, edit copy, and follow trends.


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or related fields.

  • Experience in marketing.

  • Excellent marketing and administrative software skills.

  • Excellent people skills.

  • Quality writer and speaker.

  • Experience with relevant technology.


Conducting market research.
Supporting the marketing team.
Doing day-to-day administrative tasks.
Writing and proofreading press releases.
Helping to plan events, projects, and campaigns.
Reporting on research findings.
Helping to create proposals and presentations.
Helping to run social media accounts.
Communicating with clients and maintaining good relations.
Collect data, forecast trends, and assess customer satisfaction.

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