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Marketing Assistant

About the Role

As a Marketing Assistant, you will support marketing managers and executives on projects such as developing sales strategies, marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, and on collecting and interpreting marketing analytics.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in marketing, business, or a related field.

  • Administration, sales, and/or marketing assistant experience.

  • Written and verbal communication skills.

  • An attention to detail.

  • An ability to work effectively both within a team and independently.

  • Experience using computers for a variety of tasks.

  • Competency in Microsoft applications.

  • Good organization skills.

  • Related job and internship experience.

  • Digital marketing experience.


Collaborating with the marketing manager, internal teams, clients, and partners.
Identifying market trends and opportunities for innovation.
Working with various types of software for digital marketing.
Working with the sales and marketing department.
Creating marketing materials and giving presentations.
Maintaining a marketing database.
Providing administrative support to the marketing and sales team.
Preparing, formatting, and editing a range of documents.
Understanding a company's product and brand.
General office duties.
Creating and interpreting a variety of reports.
Organizing market research.
Analyzing questionnaires and other forms of feedback.
Updating social media accounts.

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