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Graphic Designer

About the Role

As a Graphic Designer, you will use computers or hand tools to create posters, websites, logos, brochures, magazines and many other materials in order to communicate ideas and information visually.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in graphic design or a related field.

  • Experience as a graphic designer or a related field.

  • Demonstrable graphic design skills

  •  A strong portfolio.

  • Proficiency with required desktop publishing tools.

  • A strong eye for visual composition.

  • Effective time-management skills and the ability to meet deadlines.

  • An ability to give and receive constructive criticism.

  • Understanding of marketing, production, website design, corporate identity, product packaging, advertisements, and multimedia design.

  • Experience with computer-aided design.


Planning concepts by studying relevant information.
Illustrating concepts by designing examples of art arrangement, size, style, and submitting them for approval.
Preparing finished art by operating necessary equipment and software.
Coordinating with outside agencies, art services, web designer, marketing, printers, and colleagues.
Contributing to team efforts.
Communicating with clients about layout and design.
Creating a wide range of graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, and websites.
Reviewing final layouts and suggesting improvements if necessary.

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