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Data Scientist

About the Role

As a Data Scientist, you will analyze raw data by using statistical and mathematical techniques, and computing. You will also filter and process data to reach meaningful interpretations and conclusions and create solutions.


  • An MSc or Ph.D. Degree in applied mathematics or statistics.

  • 5+ years of industry experience.

  • Advanced coursework in machine learning and programming.

  • Experience using data visualization tools.

  • Experience with data querying languages and statistical or mathematical software.

  • Proficiency in writing algorithms and knowing when to apply them.

  • Excellent understanding of statistics, multivariable calculus, and linear algebra.

  • Outstanding communication skills.


Having meetings with team members for projects.
Collecting and interpreting data.
Automating and integrating processes.
Researching solutions to overcome data analytics challenges.
Developing mathematical models that integrate business rules and requirements.
Creating machine learning models.
Communicating and meeting with engineers, IT teams, and other parties.
Sharing ideas in an understandable manner with non-technical stakeholders.

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