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About the Role

As a Copywriter, you will craft textual content for everything from advertisements to well-researched articles. You will also learn about the needs of your employer or clients, assist in the brainstorming process, generate original content, and assist in other aspects of the creative process.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in English, communications, or a related field.

  • Writing and typing skills.

  • Experience writing copy or with a specific industry.

  • Strong communication, research, and typing skills.

  • Creativity, resourcefulness, flexibility, and motivation.

  • An ability to understand the needs associated with a project and its target audience.

  • Receptiveness to feedback.

  • Deadline-oriented.


Creating and editing original copy that is accurate, well-researched, and meets client/company needs and deadlines.
Speaking with internal and external parties in order to learn about their content needs.
Conducting research to formulate ideas or support writing.
Learning about the target audience.
Assisting in other aspects of the creative or research processes to create cohesive and accurate content.

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