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Computer Programmer

About the Role

As a Computer Programmer, you are tasked with designing and creating software programs, integrating systems and software, training end-users, analyzing algorithms, modifying source-code, writing system instructions, debugging, and maintaining operating systems.


  • Bachelor's Degree in computer science or computer programming.

  • End user-oriented.

  • Expert IT skills.

  • Strong mathematical knowledge.

  • Advanced knowledge of operating systems.

  • Analytical and problem-solving skills.

  • Java, C++, SQL, C#, and HTML experience.

  • Aptitude for learning new technology.

  • Deadline driven.

  • Superior communication skills.


Coding and debugging.
Designing and testing computer structures.
Troubleshooting system errors.
Writing computer instructions.
Managing database systems.
Maintaining operating systems.
Editing source-code.
Profiling and analyzing algorithms.
Implementing build systems.
Providing tech support.

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