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Application Support Engineer

About the Role

As an Application Support Engineer, you will oversee the installation and maintenance of software applications in order to streamline business operations. You will also optimize software application performance, install updates, and perform debugging procedures.


  • Bachelor's Degree in software engineering, computer science, information technology, information systems, computer engineering, or a related field.

  • Experience as an application support engineer.

  • Advanced knowledge of front and back-end programming languages.

  • An ability to manage code migration, document configuration changes, and monitor performance.

  • Exceptional ability to provide front-end support to internal departments and web-based clients.

  • Advanced proficiency in determining the causes of application errors and repairing them.

  • Knowledge of Advanced Encryption Standards (AES).

  • An ability to stay up-to-date with innovations in application design.

  • Exceptional communication skills.


Providing software application support.
Performing analyses on software application functionality and suggesting improvements.
Ensuring effective front and back-end functionality of applications.
Consulting with the software development team, internal users, and clients to improve application performance.
Managing code migration across environments.
Establishing the causes of application errors.
Keeping a record of configuration changes and scheduling application updates.
Documenting processes and monitoring application performance metrics.
Providing front-end support to clients and colleagues.

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