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Account Manager

About the Role

As an Account Manager, you will work with internal departments to ensure that client needs are understood and satisfied. You will also assist with making sales, handle client complaints, collect and analyze data, and improve the overall customer experience.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in sales, communications, or a related field.

  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.

  • An ability to collect, track, and analyze large amounts of data.

  • Adaptability and strong problem-solving skills.

  • Excellent active listening skills.

  • An ability to build rapport and collaborate with others within the company and externally.

  • An understanding of consumer behaviors and industry trends.

  • Extensive product knowledge.


Communicating with clients to understand their needs.
Building relationships with clients.
Collaborating with internal departments.
Collecting and analyzing data to learn about consumer behavior.
Keeping accurate records relating to inventory and account notes.
Maintaining knowledge of company products and services.
Resolving complaints and preventing additional issues.
Identifying industry trends.
Acting as a client advocate with a focus on improving the buyer experience.

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