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Transportation Expenses

Company Policy

When traveling for company purposes, you are entitled to company-paid plane tickets in premium economy class. Should you need to travel by another means of transportation, you are entitled to a premium seat and we will reimburse two-way tickets, meals, and a carry-on in case of a plane trip.

Your travel must be booked at least [insert number] weeks in advance unless it is an unforeseen trip. Please talk to our office manager/HR generalist/finance manager and they will book your tickets directly.

If you decide to book the transportation on your own, discuss this with your manager as you will need their approval for the fares you choose. In order to receive a reimbursement for these expenses, please submit them to our expenses software.

If you plan to travel by car, we will reimburse all gas and toll fees. We will also pay a maximum of $ [insert number] for expenses during your trip for food, non-alcoholic drinks, and/or other necessities.

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