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Discrimination and Harassment

Company Policy

We will not tolerate any kind of discrimination which creates a hostile environment for employees, interns, or volunteers.

Some instances that we consider discrimination include hiring managers disproportionately disqualifying male or female job candidates on purpose, managers bypassing team members with specific protected characteristics for promotion without being able to formally prove the reasons other employees were selected instead, employees making sexist comments, and/or employees sending emails disparaging someone’s ethnic origin.

Employees who discriminate/harass their colleagues will go through our disciplinary process which may result in them being reprimanded, demoted, or terminated depending on the severity of their offense.

In cases where we conclude an employee unconsciously discriminates, we will support them through training/counseling and implement processes that mitigate biases. However, if this person shows an unwillingness to change their behavior we may demote or terminate them.

We will not be lenient in cases of assault, sexual harassment, or workplace violence whether physical or psychological and terminate employees who behave in this manner immediately.

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