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Refer a Friend

To: [Insert name]
From: [Insert name]
Subject line: Refer a lover

Hi Everyone,

As I’m sure you realize, we are always on the lookout for brand new ways to grow our talented teams. If you recognize anyone who would make an excellent team member, please let us know.

Send us an email with answers to the subsequent questions:

How does one know this person and why does one think they'd suit us?
What role(s) will this person be suitable for?
What is their main area of experience and most impactful skills?
Have you worked together in the past? If so, please mention one or two things that make your friend an honest coworker.
Why does one think this person would be a good addition to our company?

Please attach your friend’s contact details and leave the following steps to us.

You can take a look at our careers page [add link] for all the most recent openings.

Thank you,

[Insert name]
[Insert email signature]

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