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Workplace Harassment Complaint Letter

To: [Insert name]
From: [Insert name]
Subject line: Workplace Harassment Complaint

Dear [insert name],

I, [insert name], have been employed at [insert business] as the [insert role] for the past [insert number] years. I am writing this letter to bring to your attention the harassment I have been going through lately at the workplace.

Among the problems I have experienced include verbal and physical harassment by my colleague(s) from the [insert department]. In spite of repeatedly requesting him not to trouble me, this has not stopped and is affecting my work performance as well as myself personally. I am being subjected to mental, physical, and emotional agony.

Up until now I have chosen to stay silent about these incidents, however, I believe it is time to address the issue of harassment in the workplace in order to create a safer environment for the rest of the employees. I hope this matter will be addressed accordingly.


[Insert name]
[Insert email signature]

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