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Employment Termination Letter Sample

To: [Insert name]
From: [Insert name]
Subject line: Employment Termination

Dear Mr./Ms. [employee’s name],

We regret to tell you that we are terminating your employment with immediate effect.

All rules governing our operations are extremely important. Failing to abide by our employment terms and company policies could be a risk to our business and to your colleagues and we have an obligation to require appropriate action.

Upon termination, all benefits related to your position will not be valid. Please return [state all property that has got to be returned: company car, computer etc.] until [enter date] to the Human Resources office.

Keep in mind that you simply are bound by our confidentiality policy. Any information that you simply received within the course of your work, regarding our customers, company, or partners must not be disclosed to the other party. Such information must even be deleted from all of your personal devices. additionally, you've got signed a [enter variety of non-solicitation clause] as a part of your contract. This binds you until the date specified.

You are entitled to [state the other compensation or details for payment/benefits].

This decision is non-reversible. If you'd like copies of documentation referring to the method, the Human Resources department remains at your disposal for up to [enter number] working days after your Day of Judgment of employment. Please confine mind that the corporate encompasses a right to refuse a reference if asked.

[Your Name]
[Your Email Signature]

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