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Employee Termination Letter Template

To: [Insert name]
From: [Insert name]
Subject line: Employee Termination Letter

Dear [enter employee name],

I’m sorry to inform you that as of [enter termination date], you’ll no be longer employed with [enter company name].

From [enter termination date] on, you won’t be eligible for any compensation or benefits associated with your position. Please return [company property that must be returned] before [enter date] to the Human Resources office.

You are entitled to your salary up until [enter termination date] and we will also compensate you for your remaining vacation days. We will also provide severance pay that will amount to [enter amount]. You will receive a separate letter with the complete details of compensation or other related information you’re entitled to receive from us.

Please detain mind that you simply have signed a non-compete, non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreement. If you have any information about our customers, employees or other stakeholders stored on paper or your personal devices you need to delete it immediately.

If you have questions or clarifications, I am at your disposal for up to [enter number] working days after your last day of employment.

We wish you the best of luck.

[Your name]
[Your email signature]

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